Summer Jam


I love it when a song contrasts depressing lyrics with a sound that makes you feel great. That’s this song. It’s all about having visions and thoughts about a lover who walked away. Not sure what your love life is looking like this summer, but this song might connect with you. I’m gonna play at the pool this weekend :)

Favorite lyrics: “alone in my bed, I can smell the perfume. Get out of my bed, these visions of you.”

Perfume is great and it definitely sticks to beds. I imagine a guy that can’t sleep because the smell of his girl is too distracting. Sounds like torture but this song is fireeee.

summer love

Top Tracks of 2015

My friend Ben sent me this playlist and I can’t wait to to listen it all day tomorrow. Here what Ben has to say about it:

Joey Badass song is a little outdated but great.

Usher and Martin Garrix five out of five.

Holding on by Disclosure is their new song and its fire.

We Come Running Tiesto Remix is great too.

Here’s a picture of us sitting on a couch.


Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap

This mixtape is amazing. If you don’t know much about Chance the Rapper, he’s a rapper from Chicago who really hit the mainstage after this mixtape, Acid Rap, came out in 2012. His voice is raspy and melodic and his rhythm flows. I love this mixtape and my favorite songs are:

“Favorite Song” feat. Childish Gambino – it’s so upbeat and catchy. Great at parties/pregames.

“Interlude (That’s Love)” – this song is so sweet with lyrics like, “what’s better than rhymes, nickels, dimes and dollars and dubs? Is dialing up your darling just for callin’ her up. It aint nothing better than fallin’ in love.

“Smoke Again” – “lean all on the square, that’s a f*ckin’ rhombus”

“Chain Smoker” – This song is so authentic. Chance is great at referencing the song he’s singing within the song. Literally within the lyrics, he’s referencing his intention was to make a song which you could, dance/throw bands/hold hands/play with your old man:

“gotta be a dance joint…throw bands joint, wanna hold hand joints, old school for my own old man joint”.





Archnemisis is an electronic duo who go by the names of “Telepath” and “MO Theory”. They have only released one official EP so far, (Diamonds and Glass) but it is definitely top-notch. Below are two tracks: my favorite, “Boom” where they take a T-Pain sample and make it an absolute electric banger, and it’s my turn which to me, sounds better than a number of Pretty Light’s tracks. Download both of them and play them really loud all summer long.

Vibe to this one

Camelback Music

Xaphoon Jones, the DJ half of Chiddy Bang, produces on his own every so often and almost always kills it. Here he samples “Colours” by the group, “Group Love”. He twists it with a really funky, reggae sound that vibes real well. Enjoy.

Camelback Music

Skizzy Mars

“A white, black kid from uptown who chills with white, white kids from downtown”
Skizzy Mars is a rapper from the Upper East Side of Manhattan with some nasty flow. The first song is Douchebag with a good beat and verses about being a douchebag. Profound is my favorite track though. His flow is filthy. Look out for this kid. You’d be silly not to download both of these. Skizzy Mars by CamelbackMusic