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156 Responses to “Contact Us”
  1. Amy Oare says:

    I used to come to your site all the time and listen to music during the day at work. Now that the site has changed, I can’t find any of the old music, including my favorite with the “Office” theme song remix. Or “Big Screen”. Help! Am I missing something?

  2. Paul Maxwell says:

    Sample beats.. from a 17 year old white kid

  3. Caleb J. says:


    Hey, my name is Caleb out of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. My stage name is Dubby or Dubby of Burg City…it doesn’t really matter. I have been making music professionally for about 4 years now and have been working solo for one year. My last mixtape was simply entitled “DUBBY” and seemingly got a very good overall response. I am currently working on “tha Leak” which will be a 10 song ep type thing.
    The song I’m giving you is called “turn it up” (freestyle)…obviously it isn’t a freestyle, but I figured, everyone puts that when they are just spittin bars so I might as well. My email is If you have any questions about the link or you need more info…just hit me back.

    LINK >>>

  4. John says:

    there was some new lil wayne tracks before the new look, and now i cannot find them, just wondering what they were called so i can download them to sample them again. thanks

  5. Paul says:

    why did you guys take off the ability to have continous song play. the best thing about the old website was I could play the first song and it would go through all like a playist (a sick ass playlist). having to click on each song blows

  6. Nick says:

    Hey y’all…the new site/logos/FUCKIN EVERYTHING is super DOPE!!

    One thing I was hoping that y’all could maybe get back was the ability to listen to the whole page as like one big playlist where the songs ran into each other. Kinda sucks when I’m getting ready in the morning an gotta walk back and forth to move it up the page and press play…either way. Site is still dope, and y’all are way better than thissongissick hahaha

  7. andrew Balch says:

    for the search here when we type in an artist we should be able to see all the songs that the artist has on here

  8. Kent Daiber says:

    You have a fabulous website, but I’m not understanding the new format. I can’t find a way to scroll “back in time” for posts earlier than what shows up on the home page — am I missing something? I know you have a search capability, but the great thing about your site is that I always find new stuff that I would never have known to search for in the first place!

  9. Hello, my name is Nate Bourette I am the booking agent for hip hop artist Jack Fiskio. We were wondering if the Cam Meekins AER show in new york had any more spots to perform. Jack is very good friends with both Cam Meekins and AER and has performed live with both of them. So far this year Jack has also opened for musicians such as Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Mac Miller, Chris Webby, Sean Kingston, CFP the band, Sam Adams & G-Eazy. Below is one of Jacks songs, enjoy. Please get back to me about this show, Jack is not asking for any pay and a short set would be fine as well. Thanks for your time!

    Nate Bourette

    Jack Fiskio Music

  10. brittany says:

    Hey guys. I’m anxiously waiting to buy one/many camelback tanks. Now hurry up and put them on the website. xoxo

  11. Drew says:

    Got a song for you to check out.

    Promises by Nero

    Pretty sweet dubstep remix by skrillex

    My buddies Nick and Max showed me this song and its awesome don’t know if you’ve heard it yet but thought I’d let you know

    Props to the new site

  12. A Friend says:

    A good friend of mine has been getting really into collabing with kids he goes to school with to make beats and spit. He sent me a song of his that he posted last night and i think this might be the first time i’ve truly been impressed with his music. give him a listen and let me know what you think….
    CFG -Early Train

  13. JHONNY B says:

    whats your guys email address

  14. What’s goin on guys, my name is Joe, I go to school at UMass Amherst and in the past year have started making some music. I’m trying to get my name out there and I’ve put out a few tracks/remixes/mashups on my soundcloud that I think is on par with some of the music on your site. My friend posted the Got 2 Know mix with Eminem’s Superman, and the song was fire! it definitely reminded me a bit of my own style of music. So check out some of my newer tracks on my soundcloud (site above), I’ve been putting out a new track or two every week, and have a ton of work in progresses that should be coming out soon. Everythings free for download, so take a listen and let me know what you think about putting me on your site!

    Thanks guys, keep doing your thing. The site looks great and the music’s always dope.

    -Joe Schindelar, DJ Skribbles

  15. FSU says:

    ELO, Hoodie Allen, AND Mike Posner? Old, but worth seeing if you appreciate the up-and-comer Hoodie.

    And don’t miss out on Mansions on the Moon for some smooth library tracks…fall semester starts too soon to not ave those on the ready.

  16. micahel says:


  17. ngstyle1 says:

    whats u guys? ive been listening to an up and coming college rap group out of michigan n upenn called fairytale productions. these guys have a sick flow and great lyricism. check em out on youtube n soundcloud. some of my favorites r sweetest things, twist up, i dont trust myelf remix, and they have many more great tracks.

  18. Charlie says:

    hey! the new format of the website is super confusing…and it only lets us see the 13 most recent pages! i’ve been traveling all summer and fell behind on my music. is there any way we can see all of the posts on camelback? thanks :)

  19. Sam Baker says:

    you probably hear this song with rapping all the time, and compared to some of the more professionally done songs out there, mine is nothing but i just wanted to show you guys one of my first songs. Many more are on the way and i will be posting on youtube as soon as i get them recorded. please take a listen. Im just another rapper that is trying to make it big to you, but i’d really appreciate it if you just checked me out.

  20. daniel says:

    Cant wait to hear dubstep playlist part 2!

  21. keciadakilla says:

    You guys used to have 500 days of Weezy on here. i downloaded it and lost it on my computer i would absolutely love to have it again if possible. I can’t find it anywhere else it was the greatest thing i have ever heard!

    <3 pretty please!

  22. Andrew says:

    Hey. I had a bunch of song from this site that i got like a month ago. But they got deleted from my computer and i cant find them here now. some of the songs were “bout that life” “just another day” “graduation” “figure 8″ “dear professor” and some others. Is there anyway i can get them back? thanks!

  23. Ward says:

    This kid sounds similar to dylan owen. good chill hip-hop

  24. Kalijah says:

    These are some friends of mine….just passing it along

  25. Camille Stavros says:

    This is a buddy of mine.. Please, I definitely think this deserves to be posted!

  26. Austin says:


    Unsigned rapper from Baltimore…putting up some of the best remixes i’ve ever heard.

    I’m hearing that he’s coming out with an original mixtape sometime soon as well

    here’s his youtube channel

  27. Lcca says:

    i think you guys will really like this dude named Mod Sun (MOVEMENT ON DREAMS. STAND UNDER NONE). Guys real name is Derek Smith, check out his songs and bio He Does all his own work with out a record label. Hes a funny looking dude but he strait wrecks shit. Don’t know the kid but love his tracks.

  28. Logan says:

    hey camelback,

    was listenin to my frends ipod the other day and heard a great song. its old, from 2007, but its got a great summertime, no worries feel to it that makes me want to just chill outside with some close frends. Check it out.

    here’s the link:

  29. Austin says:

    AMAZING song, have to check this out you will not regret it.

  30. Clay says:

    You guys need to get an iPhone app, that would be sick.

  31. Talia Sparrow says:

    hey guys, i am trying to order the customized lax pinnys but is it too late to customize them? thanks

  32. Gordon says:

    When are you guys going to get more of those lax pinnys?

  33. Stefan says:

    Who sings “Run this Town”? It is on you like most played list.

  34. Anna McGraw says:

    My friend Adam Bona’s song he mixed with a friend earlier this week.
    It’s a great song enough said.
    Lemme know if ya publish it.

  35. Dylan says:

    this kids is sick and has the same type of feel to him as a lot of the artists that you rep on here
    check it

  36. Jack T. says:

    This sight is always dope and the best new music… just curious, i ordered the camelback lax pinny about 2 and a half weeks ago. Im not growing impatient i’d just like to know if you guys have sent them out already or not, just email and let me know!

  37. Alex says:

    Feelin Good by Spadez, dope song

  38. Taylor says:

    My name’s Taylor, this guy D.VEVELOPED is nuts. I’ve been listening to camelback forever and know this would be appreciated. Also I do graphic design work in college and would definitely be down to give something a try.

    Here’s the website for it.

    Thanks, Taylor

  39. Alex J. says:

    Is there a way we can listen to the music from the old website?

  40. Kyle says:

    My friend showed me this sickkk electro house mix that is an hour and half of awesome. give it a quick look:

  41. Quinn says:

    Listen u gotta step up your game. All of this mashup shit is all starting to sound the same and is getting kinda annoying. You have to start posting different shit besides this techno. Also this new artist stuff. You keep posting all these new artists and its non stop.
    Thnx Pleez change there are plenty of other great websites you are in competition with just sayin, but the only thing im liking is the smooth running website.

  42. brono says:

    dude, you need to takeoff all the promo shit on the iphone app. they play every 3 songs, its annoying as hell

  43. Mannino says:

    Hey check out my chill dubstep remix of Lina Magic by 3D Friends .You can download it for free.


  44. Liz says:

    Rihanna just came out with her new video for We Found Love. If you haven’t already you should check it out. I think it’s good it’s interesting though, very new style for her.

  45. Mannino says:

    I got a sick new rave remix of Teenage Dream, check it out


  46. Perri P says:

    Huge fan here, always downloading music from camelback. YOU HAVE GOT to check out the band Aer. They’re kind of music would be perfect for the chillest music ever. Check out they’re mixtape Water On The Moon. You’ll love this band i’m telling you!

  47. Perri P says:

    Feel I Bring – Aer

    Water On The Moon – Aer

    Story To Tell (Biggie Remix) – Aer

    ALL amazing jams right there. Aer would be an amazing addition to the site. (I’m not an official promoter of the band, just a fan. I discovered them like two days ago)

  48. Kyle Spenk says:

    check this song pretty sweet, this kid has talent,

  49. Bailey says:

    hey guys i am abroad in australia right now and this song is all over the place: “the truth” sam lamore remix by PNAU. basically its the new “for the first time.” enjoy.

  50. Andrew says:

    Just a chill song that deserves a listen:

  51. I make mashups — been doin it for a while
    Love the site and enjoy
    Gimme feedback!

  52. Dave T says:

    check this song out guys ..matin solveig’s new one ..catchy

  53. Kotran says:

    THIS NEEDS TO BE SEEN BY EVERYONE!!! I’m a huge fan of logic and this video clearly demonstrates why everyone should be! One of the best rappers alive, no doubt! Enjoy….

  54. Kevin says:

    This site sucks now. How is it that camel back didnt report on Webby’s new mix tape at all? Get over your college house music bullshit and start listening to some real shit. The new set up is bullshit too. This site definitely lost its appeal in my mind.

  55. AlejandraC says:

    I have tried contacting you over 4 times , please get back to me as soon as possible through this email. It has to do with a product i bought from your store and its very urgent. Please email me back.

  56. Julie Brown says:

    Theophilus London is an artist I like

  57. Julie Brown says:


  58. Julie Brown says:

    Sry meant to put it in the post before

  59. Charlie King says:

    This Skizzy song is pretty sick, but unfortunatly I couldnt find download links anywhere, but its up their with my favorite Skizzy Mars songs. Especially the chorus

  60. Anthony says:

    Hello, my friend B. Derry is a sick new rapper. Starting up in the burgh. He is sick at this and will definitely become big. Check out some of his songs on the site above and the video. I want to start getting his stuff up on camelbackmusic. I have been a follower of camelback for about almost 2 years now and I love it. And I know he’d make a perfect fit. Thank you.

  61. ian says:

    hey guys i cant play the 2011 recap songs using the player…ive tried on safari and chrome. any ideas?

  62. Meg says:

    Could you guys make a Spotify app?!

  63. Matt says:

    I totally agree that the newer Lil’ Wayne songs do not have the flow that they used to. When you have posted some old school Wayne, like Talk Like a Hustler and You’re Gonna Love Me, I had never heard them and they are awesome songs. I have pretty much had them on repeat and cannot stop listening to them. Can you post some more of your collection like once a week or once every few weeks?

  64. Dan Orcutt says:

    Whats going on? My name is Dan Orcutt, I’m 18 years old and attend Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT, and I’ve always been a fan of Camelback and the songs that they post. This site formed the taste of music that I am interested in. Besides that I have always loved music and music has become a huge part of my life. My main point in contacting you is because I was wondering if there is anyway that I could get involved with Camelback Music. Just get back to me through email or give me a call at or 203-788-6211. Thanks.

  65. Hey,
    My names Jackson Drake I am a electronic music producer in Atlanta Georgia. I have a sound cloud full of some of my stuff. I would be more then happy if you would like to post some on your website. Quality Music too check out my new remix.

  66. sarah says:

    if it’s at all possible could you guys post a link to kardinal offishall’s song ignorant?
    I can’t find it anywhere!!

  67. Ryan Andersen says:

    To Camelback Music,

    I am a huge fan of Camelback. I have contacted you earlier in the day about sending you one of my songs. I believe I would be a great artist to be featured on Camelback because I rap things everything can relate to, especially high school kids like me. I go to a local catholic school now I go by the name Ry$e. I will be releasing my mixtape in one month. I am a local catholic school kid but will be going to the Gunnery next year to work on my music in there amazing studio. I no many boarding school kids so I no they will love my music. I understand you guys went to Taft and one of you actually no my friend Jared Carson who went there. Just thought I would throw that out there. I hope you enjoy my first song I ever dropped named.Carvel which is mostly a fire spittin song. My deep/catchy/ more lyrical stuff is coming in the future. Enjoy.

  68. isabel says:
    this needs to be posted if it hasnt already its sick

  69. Charlotte says:

    Here is a pretty chill song from The Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy. Thought it was worth checking out.
    Hope you enjoy it

    By the way, you guys are fucking awesome.

  70. Devin says:

    Song submission

    Hey I’m a Mashup DJ, my name’s Devin, I go by DY2V, I’ve got some ill mashups for ya, i go to prep school. Love to have you give them a listen they’re good quality, and all on this soundcloud page

    I’ve worked with Jay and Kan’s Paris, Drake, the Weekend, Lazy Rich, SHM, Alesso, Chiddy Bang, and a ton of other dope works. Thanks for taking some time out of ur busy day to listen. appreciate it

  71. Mack says:

    Brahs…….Radical something sucks. Haha have some respect for your site, no?

  72. Ryan says:

    You need to check this kid out. He is pretty sweet. He only has one song up, but I heard he is working on some more.

  73. Ben ciembronowicz says:

    Hey guys awhile back on Facebook you guys said you had some fresh unreleased Skizzy Mars tracks. Would you please release one or two or all of them please? Thanks!

  74. Christoaam says:

    Where can I get one of those tanks with stash camel? Couldn’t find it in the store

  75. Maxsito says:

    Is there a spring break playlist coming?

  76. Vincent says:

    Hey Guys,
    could you help me promote my new usic blog?
    it and i was inspired by this site.
    I hope ull take a second to look at it. I put a lot of work into it

  77. Sophia says:

    I am a big fan of the Regina post, and a big fan of this site as a whole. I am never desperate for music because I have camelback providing me with great tunes. The Jane Doze mash ups are currently on repeat.


  78. Sebastian says:

    All of the Camelback music Tank tops are sold out…. when will they be back in stock? they are sick!

  79. Mikhail says:

    Hello, my name is Mikhail Dingle, I am a Junior studying illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and I was interested in working with you all on any and all of your graphic design needs. I love to do posters, along with shirts, and since I am not a musical artist, I wanted to somehow be a part of this amazing site. I visit it everyday and only find the best music is posted here. Because of this site, I am known as the guy with the best playlist out of all my friends. Yes, it has even gotten me girls. But that is beyond the point. If you all have any positions needed, please consider my work. This would be a great opportunity to showcase my art to the world and show my love for Camelback Music! You can my work at I look forward to your response!

  80. Max says:

    Hey guys- seriously. Thank you for having better server reliability than And better tracks.

  81. Truman says:

    Hey I love the music here, I come everyday and am pleased every time. However, lately there haven’t been many “Download” buttons so I could add them to iTunes. I know I am not the only one disappointed with this. Please bring these back so I can jam out to these songs on the go!

  82. Hi!

    I’m Cristen from the genre bending EDM/Pop band, “Blufrost”. I’d like to introduce you to our music! Our big news is that it looks like we are getting a synch on an upcoming NBC TV show in the Spring! Love your feedback! Check us out at


  83. Rich says:

    Hey I saw this music video that would be PERFECT for your site, His name is Syn Savvy and Smurk Magurk out of NC, USA. They are dope you will like it its 100 percent original. PLEASE GIVE THIS A LISTEN

  84. Kevin T. says:!

    blind kid plays dubstep on the piano after listening to it for the first time. insane.

    hit the 4:00 mark for the start

  85. Adam says:

    Song: Shotgun Rock Show (Wick Daddy Bootleg)


    Image work URL:

  86. Griffin says:

    Get Free (Feat. Amber) — Major Lazer
    great song

  87. Check out David Getz’s First Music Video. This song deserves to be heard. TAKE A LISTEN.

  88. Leyton says:

    Are you making any more lax pinnies? they are sick and i want to get one before the season is over so i’ll look unreal on the field

  89. Alex says:

    Just saw your post on Jetpack Jones, gotta say I’ve been a big fan of his music. I would recommend

    checking out his song “Drift Away”.

  90. Isabelle says:

    Absolutley love the site and the music! I have the app but it wot function…is there any timeline as to when it will be fixed by or anything like that? Is it being worked on right now? Can’t wait to have it up an running…thanks for posting the latest and greatest!

  91. Jad says:

    When will your apparel not be not sold out?

  92. Jeff says:

    Do you guys know when (or if) you’re ever going to get a new supply of lax pinnies/tank tops? I’ve been using this site as my place of worship for songs ever since it was created, and I just love it so much that I was gonna buy some pinnies but they were already sold out. Tell me when you get a new supply.

  93. Kim says:

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say I’m loving the music, been using you guys to find new tunes for a while now.
    Keep em coming, might have something to send to you soon as well :)

  94. Grant says:

    I love the iPhone app, but now it won’t even launch. I have tried troubleshooting this, to no avail. Is it blocked now, or what?

  95. Alex Robins says:

    Check out the first mixtape from the delco kids, pretty good stuff.

  96. Justin says:

    New camelback song player sucks. So slow.

  97. MAKE MORE APPAREL. PR is important and one of the best ways is by clothing. Especially in the summertime…..if you have anymore left, lemme know!

    And you guys do a fucking great ass job with this site btw.

  98. Ally Nielson says:

    Sorry I don’t mean to be annoying, but I REALLY REALLY want the new moombah playlist posted by Katie T, but you can’t download it anymore for some reason. Can someone repost it??

  99. christian says:


  100. Justin says:

    SIte pisses me off! It has such good music but because of the sh1t music player that never loads we can’t enjoy any of it. Go back to the way it was.

  101. Jonathan says:

    I would use your app on my iPhone all the time and now all it does is close as soon as I try to open it. I’ve deleted it and restarted my phone but it still won’t work, any tips?

  102. Wyatt says:

    Roman is a thug you should check this shit out

  103. Check this out! Follow and retweet please!

  104. Ben says:

    I’m surprised that “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes hasn’t been posted yet

  105. Trey says:

    I just downloaded the camelback app on my iPhone 4s
    And it won’t open at all!

  106. Matt says:
    Check out my remix to “We’ll Be Coming Back” by Calvin Harris. Thanks

  107. Doug says:

    Used to go to this site all the time when I used desktop computer, now I only use my phone. I have a droid razr and with both os gingerbread and ics android the music player doesn’t load. You have an ios app you should make one for android or at least make the media player functional then I could go back to visiting this site instead of linking somewhere else to listen to music

  108. J Doze says:

    Hey Camelback music, we just released this music video of J Doze’s “What You Wanna Hear” check it out if you have time.

  109. Hey watsup My name’s Dave and I go by the artist name Dave all the Rave. I have a mash up here that I think you guys are going to enjoy. It’s gotten a bunch of love so far. Check it out and message me back to let me know what you think :) download link is below

  110. What’s up Camelback Music? My name’s Harris and I’m in 10th grade and am pretty good at making mashups and bootlegs. I also produce a bit, but not much. I was hoping you could give some of my music a listen and see what you think. Please check it out.

    Here’s the link to my newest mashup:


  111. timi says:

    less techno, more hiphop

  112. Austin says:

    Yo everybody this guy is making some fresh mixes, his name is DJ Broomestix. Check him out.

  113. jon bartley says:

    Check out my song its my first one and its the number one fan voted track on

  114. Charlie says:

    Check out Bassline Fam, a group out of Boston MA who raps over dubstep, house, and hip hop music!


  115. Steve says:

    Song Submission:
    Please listen to my song im a dubstep/electronic producer form Salt Lake City Utah
    Im 19 years old this is my 1st song ive ever produced.

  116. Charlie says:

    I like how Camelback is starting to dip back towards hip hop instead of primarily techno. You guys should look at some of the stuff off of Electronic Earth by Labrinth and also this new guy Sam Lachow. Hope you guys post things from all of the New 2013 albums, and especially look out for these highly anticipated artist’s albums:

    Big Sean

    Tayyib Ali



  117. Dillon says:

    get more of the large black pinnies in stock

  118. Cooper says:

    Kid named Teff. Straight from Barbados… Get yourself a chair by the pool/beach, make yourself a stiff cocktail, and turn it up. Promise you will not be disappointed.

  119. Oliver-Lute says:

    Ravi’s (Formerly part of the duo Sex Ray Vision) new remix to Demi’s Heart Attack!

  120. Joel Ansett says:

    Dearest Camelback folks,
    Thank you so much for posting the “Lose Yourself” cover. I am honored to get a shout out on such a music blog as this one and greatly appreciate your help in navigating this desert of a music industry.
    Joel Ansett

  121. Cooper says:

    Real music from the heart. Nothing but a underground artist trying to be heard. I am a fan, not an artist. You will not be disappointed.

  122. TwoFace Gemini says:

    Hey i would like for you to check out some of my home recorded songs and tell me what you think on

  123. <<<My page <<<My favorite song

    They range from techno/electronic to hip hop beats. I would appreciate any feedback you guys can give me. Thanks!

  124. Sonja says:

    So.. who are you? Who runs this site? How old are YOU? We know from the poll most of us are college age… so let us know about the owners of this site because obviously you have good music taste!


  125. Alex says:

    You guys always post great songs and most of them automatically turn into one of my favorites, you guys are great :) I just wanted to let you guys know of a kid from my town who has been making pretty good music, so maybe check him out? His name is Dextasy and I really like his stuff so maybe you guys at camelback music will like him too.


  126. Sophie says:

    Hey, I was wondering what the name/artist of this song yall posted in 2011. it might be called ‘movin on’ and its like, ‘lifes a b**** and youre a c***, letting go, i dont give a f***.” I couldnt find it on your website from that long ago because nothing was loading.

  127. Jaye says:

    I have a music video submission worthy of some hype.
    Hot and perfect for the Halloween theme

    “Sicko” by Pedalay The Boss of Smoke Break Records

  128. MAJ says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could help get this kid’s name out there he played at my school and did a damn good job.
    Opium of the Steeple and Crawled out of the Sea I think could be pretty big hits.

  129. Megan says:

    I downloaded a song in 2010 that was a remix of journeys don’t stop believing about a slightly girl meeting a boy in the city. What was it????

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