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Shav and Mentos- Carelessly

The other week, my friend sent me a couple songs made by two freshmen here at Colgate. Honestly I was a bit skeptical at first, but immediately after I listened to them I was sold. Not only are the songs extremely catchy and well done, they are original productions. This song reminds me of something Shwayze and Cisco could have done, a really chill summertime sound meshed with smooth hip hop. Definitely check it out, and enjoy. Excuse my temporary absence lately, exams are just about as much fun as playing The Hunger Games with a bunch of Navy Seals.

‘By a stroke of luck, Keshav Garg and Aaron Mentos were randomly roomed together at Colgate University. The freshman produced a 5 song EP titled “The Circus Room” in their first year together, which is set to release Thursday, May 10th. The pair wrote their single, ‘Carelessly,’ on the first day that they met at Colgate. Growing up playing live instruments, “Shav and Mentos” fuse live instruments with hip hop to create an eclectic sound that definitely sounds good in the summer. Shav’s singing and guitar works perfectly with Mentos’ rap and bass and together the group makes you realize the craziest things in life sometimes come out of nowhere.’

Carelessly- Shav and Mentos

By Mike Kratky

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  1. bert says:

    theres no link to download the song

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