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Timeflies Exclusive Interview

(Crank your volume during the interview part!)

I got a chance to meet up with the guys from Timeflies before their show here in Lincoln a couple weeks ago in what started as a last minute attempt to get an interview for Camelback that turned into one of the coolest night’s I have had in a very long time. What I thought was going to be a quick in and out interview turned out to be an entire night with the dudes from Timeflies. From soundcheck and some pre-show scotch on the 3 day old tour bus to being backstage before a post-show bar visit, my 12 minute interview turned into 12 hours with some of the most down to earth people I have ever met.

See what they had to say in the video above, you might even find out about a new mixtape and a Timeflies phone app that you didn’t already know about. (Note. I got a great camera person, with a great camera to film this great interview in the great new studio on the Timeflies bus. Little did we know, there was an air conditioner blowing straight into the mic, causing some not so great audio quality. Crank the volume!)

If you can’t stand the audio, hit the jump to read the interview!

Hey guys, this is Dustin. I’m here with Cal and Rob, from Timeflies of course.

How did you guys meet? What brought Timeflies together?

Cal – We went to college together in Boston, right outside Boston at Tufts University and he (Rob) started a six piece funk band. He heard me free-styling at a party and was like, “Yo, come sing with my funk band.” So I came down, we did a rehersal, and next thing we know we were playing gigs and won battle of the bands and were opening for Asher Roth and Ludacris. And then you know, he’s really talented at composing, making beats so he was like “Listen to my stuff, hop on my tracks.” So he would write some stuff for me and we recorded some ‘joke tracks’ and then he was DJ’ing parties, so he would slip them in in the middle of really hot songs, then we would see if the room was like “What the fuck?” or if they were dancing.

Dustin – So they didn’t know if it was you guys or not?

Cal – Right, yeah. Like “oh you’re still vibing?”

Being one of the fastest growing artists out right now, what separates you from other up and coming artists?

Cal – The name of the game, I think, is quality content. You really gotta be happy with what you put out.

Rob – I think the fact that we do all our own production musically, but also videoize, and our team is a bunch of our friends it means that we can really contain our product and when it comes to putting out a video every Tuesday, as stressful as that definitely is, we are able to do it.

Walk us through a typical ‘Timeflies Tuesday’

Rob – Usually I call Cal on Monday night or we’re together already. (Cal – Sunday, Monday morning.) Yeah, okay fine. So we start stressing the fuck out all of Monday.

Cal – Even though we’ve been thinking about, since last Tuesday, what we should be doing we just keep putting it off because you know it’s like, we know it’s gonna be stressful as shit to try and come up with something.

Rob – We came up with the term ‘PMS’ for Post Monday Syndrome because we both get so frustrated and angry.

Cal – Like I said, the name of the game is quality content so we take pride in the fact that originally our team would push us and say “Just get the track out, everyones gonna like it.”  but we don’t like it. We wanna spend five more days on it so we do that but with Timeflies Tuesday all you get is one day, you put it out it’s 11:59 or, sorry about yesterday it’s like 4am on a Wednesday. The idea is, you gotta get it out pretty much on Tuesday, so even if you’re not happy with something it’s gotta go. It’s really frustrating for us but we try to make it as good as we can. So… to walk you through it we come up with something, come up with an idea, find an accapella or sing something or a cover and then Rez will start making the beat and then I come in and I do a freestyle.

Rob – 7am, I’m up. Cal wakes me up at noon with a ham egg and cheese.

Cal – Then we videotape everything on our iPhone and he does all the editing in iMovie, just crushes it.

What was it like watching your first album climb so high on the iTunes charts?

Cal – I don’t even know what to say about that. It was the most surreal thing in the world. I remember the text I had on my phone I woke up at like 4pm and I saw “What the fuck, you’re number nineteen on iTunes!” He had gone to bed and seen some activity. (Rob – 52 or something like that) We were just expecting Twitter, Facebook, people being like oh it’s The Scotch Tape and then all of a sudden, we’re sitting together on a train ride into the city and our phones blow up like “You just passed Watch The Throne”

What came from your music being featured on National Television?

Rob – I think that was cooler to be honest.

Cal – Yeah. First of all, someone calls and says “Is it alright if we use your song during football?” and it’s like I’m watching that game anyway, you’re asking me if you can play my song during it? Have a fucking blast, yeah. That was the coolest shit ever. They told us about that one, it came on during March Madness and we had no idea. We were just sitting there and it came on.

Rob – Twitter frenzy.

Cal – It happened during this Wisco Michigan State game, so it kinda grew our fan base a lot at Wisco and Michigan state. We haven’t played at Michigan State sadly yet, we will be there soon but at Wisco our show there was crazy. We just have a great relationship with them over there so, we love playing there.

What can Camelback fans be expecting to hear from Timeflies in the future.

Rob – Well we’ve been working on a mixtape for like, a year. We keep saying it’s coming out soon and then, delay.

Cal – Well, the problem is there’s(Rob – fucking Tuesday, every week.) Yeah, Tuesday pops up and, theres two days of working.

Rob – No, I mean we’ve finally got the bus set up. (Cal – we’ve been living in a van) It’s exciting, so hopefully in the next month, all finished. We’ve recorded most of the vocals, I’d say 80%, so there’s just a lot of nights where we stay and hang on the bus.

When can we expect the new project to be released?

Rob – Orignially we were gonna finish by mid-April, maybe May 1st we can get it out, we’re following suit and we’re also gonna be releasing at the same time hopefully, if not a little sooner with the mixtape. GENERATION ONE OF THE TIMEFLIES APP! We wanna do that at the same time, so we will see when that gets done.

Dustin – What’s that app gonna be like?

Rob – Just everything you’ve ever wanted in an app.

Cal – We’re still working on a name, (For the mixtape) basically it’s a more sample based project, so similar to Timeflies Tuesday we’re gonna do all sample chorus’. The Scotch Tape was all original, which we loved doing, but we wanna show people that we don’t suck as much as Timeflies Tuesday kind of. We wanna actually spend time on sample tracks. Working on this project has made us realize that we kinda like writing our own stuff, so we’re definitely gonna shack up this summer with the whole team and write a new original project and try to put that out in October or November.

Do you prefer samples or original production?

Rob – I like sampling, I think it’s a good way to be creative. You find something and work on it and when you make it better than the original then you’re like oh thats phat. The problem is every time I make something that I’m really happy with, Cal comes in and starts humming some melody instead of whoever’s sample and we’re like oh that’s better we should save this.

Cal – We really wanna sample Call Me Maybe.

Rob – Call Me Maybe, what the fuck. I want that acappella so bad. We’ve called everyone we know. Called in all our favors. We’ll sign with your label, just get us the acappella!

Cal – That’s one of the interesting things about Timeflies Tuesday, we get tweets like do this song, do this song. We’d love to do all this but if we don’t have the acappella, either I’m gonna sing it or we’re gonna find some shitty cover. We’d love to be able to do classic rock or old shit like that, but it’s hard to find.

Anything else you want to say to Camelback and your fans?

Rob – I love to say, first of all I respect the shit out of your blog. There’s a lot of questionable blogs out there, you guys aren’t one of those so I respect that. On that note, both of us are really proud that we’ve been a product of the internet culture, digital age. A lot of people are out there with terrible music on their iPod thinking how can I get better music and you have two options. Either listen to a shit ton of music everyday, or just go on a blog.

Cal – We say this all the time, but don’t let the radio and the mainstream dictate who your favorite artists are. So, go find them. We say that a lot because a lot of people fall through the cracks who are really talented.

Rob – Until we’re on the radio!

By Dustin Trauernicht

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