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Tomorrowland 2012 AfterMovie

As the website to break last year’s epic Tomorrowland 2011 AfterMovie, we figured it’d be impossible for the video producers to top last year’s video. This show is on some next level stuff and it seems like they really outdid themselves this year in Belgium, so take 20 minutes to watch this because it’s the best thing you’ll watch all week. Full tracklist and song download links coming soon!

By Drew Kelly

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Tomorrowland 2012 AfterMovie, 9.8 out of 10 based on 61 ratings
2 Responses to “Tomorrowland 2012 AfterMovie”
  1. Ed says:

    Hey, thanks for posting this. I was saving up to go this year, but my job did not permit time. Aftermovie tres epic.

    is there any way we can get the song list from the video?


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  2. Zach says:

    Itd be sweet to have a Tomorrowland 2012 playlist. Just a thought.

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